For Mike Sizemore, Disability Insurance Was a Financial Lifesaver

Insurance Was a Financial Lifesavers first met Mike Sizemore in 2015, 3 years after a drunk motive force hit him whilst he became crossing the road and his life modified forever. We captured his tale as part of our Real Life Stories software—on the time, he was still convalescing from the coincidence following infinite surgical procedures. Fortunately, he had incapacity coverage when he wished it most and could hold paying his payments and hire while he changed into not able to go back to paintings.

We lately had the possibility to observe up on Mike’s tale and spot how he’s doing now, greater than a decade after the twist of fate.

Life Happens: What’s one second that changed your lifestyles?

Mike Sizemore: A decade ago, once I turned into 27, I became hit by way of a inebriated driver at the same time as I become taking walks throughout an intersection. I become so badly injured—fractured cranium, separated shoulder, shattered legs—that medical doctors weren’t certain I’d stay.

LH: How turned into your life one-of-a-kind?

Mike: The twist of fate modified my complete outlook on existence. I became in vital take care of months and then spent any other 12 months and a 1/2 studying how to stroll, communicate and feature all once more. I changed into on the start of my profession, which looked so promising, and all at once I was not able to work.

LH: How did incapacity insurance assist?

Mike: It’s been a monetary lifesaver. It replaced a huge part of my income after I couldn’t paintings at all. And with my traumatic mind damage, I’m nevertheless not able to paintings complete-time. So, it dietary supplements my income, allowing me to live a full life. My fiancée and I simply offered a house, and I’m able to give my son the childhood he merits.

LH: What’s your advice to others?

Mike: Don’t think that it may’t happen to you. It comes down to the easy reality that if you work and depend upon your profits, you need disability coverage

Simply placed, incapacity insurance is for each person who works. Your regular expenses like bills, groceries and rent payments nevertheless pile up even if you can’t paintings, and scientific payments from an infection or damage can make things even worse financially. Disability insurance presents you with a percentage of your earnings if an illness or harm prevents you from running and incomes a residing, much like it continues to do for Mike eleven years after his coincidence.

You can read more about Mike’s story here.

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