Employer’s liability insurance is a must-have for any business

Employer's liability insurance is a must-have for any business

Employer’s liability insurance the complicated world of business, cool insuring arena where knowing the law is just as important as keeping the books balanced, small business owners often feel at ease when they talk about insurance topics they are familiar with, like workers’ compensation. Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI), on the other hand, is a … Read more

What is key man insurance?

key man insurance

key man insurance Some businesses rely on the skills or guidance of certain people. Businesses buy key man insurance to protect themselves in case they lose an important team member. This type of insurance is basically life insurance that small businesses buy to cover the loss they will have when an important employee dies. Insurance … Read more

8 top tips: how to compare small business insurance quotes

small business insurance quotes should think about a lot of things, like the biggest risks your business faces, the policy’s limitations, and the limits of its coverage. You can find and compare the best plans for your business and your budget with these 8 tips. 1. Start with insurance companies you can trust. pronto insurance … Read more

What are insurance premiums, policy limits, and deductibles?

insurance premiums

insurance premiums Like other specialized fields, small business insurance has its own set of words and terms that company owners looking into commercial insurance choices for the first time might not know. There are three words that you’ll see a lot in insurance policies: payment, limits, and deductible. They are present in almost all types … Read more

Film equipment insurance might be less expensive than you think

Film equipment insurance

Film equipment insurance Every picture and film shoot comes with risks for the company that does it. It’s possible that your photo gear will get broken, lost, or stolen. It’s pricey to buy new equipment, but with the right business insurance and equipment coverage, you can protect your business and your pocket without spending a … Read more

Occurrence vs claimsmade insurance: Why it matters

Occurrence vs claimsmade insurance

Occurrence vs claimsmade insurance cover different things and cost different amounts. Research what each type of coverage covers before you buy your small business insurance.Before you buy a policy, it’s important for small business owners to know the difference between event and claims-made insurance. The two types of policies can change how much you pay … Read more

When should small business owners consider switching insurance?

small business owners consider switching insurance

It’s important for small businesses switching insurance to have the right protection. It’s also important to keep looking at your business’s insurance needs. Step one is to make sure the business insurance company you work with is the right one for you. We’ll talk about when and how to easily switch companies. There are many … Read more