Make sure you’re ready by making a business insurance renewal plan

business insurance renewal plan Just like you should get a checkup with your doctor once a year, you should do the same for your business. One way to keep your business healthy is to look over your insurance and plans once a year.

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Is the protection for your business in good shape?

It’s important for small business insurance plans to adapt to the changing needs of the business. And taking the time to make sure your business is covered is time well spent. More so if your business has changed in any way in the last year. In the event of an accident, you wouldn’t want to pay too much for your insurance or not have enough.

When you work with Insureon, you get a personal Account Manager who can help you with your insurance program. They’re also happy to look over your business insurance plans and make sure they cover everything you need. We’re here to protect you and your business, after all.

Start renewing your business insurance renewal plan

We can work with you at Insureon 60 to 90 days before your renewal date to get you ready. This gives insurance companies the time they need to get the financial information they need to figure out what, if any, changes need to be made to the policy.

How do I get my insurance to renew?

When your contract time is up, your insurance will be renewed. This is when your insurance company will look over your plans, change your benefits, and raise or lower your rate. Your payment will either go up or down before the next insurance period starts, based on a number of things that your company will look at. In this point in time, your insurance company could also decide not to renew your policy. This will almost never happen, though.

Do business insurance plans update themselves automatically?

startup business insurance Most insurance plans will not update themselves, but some can make it happen. When it’s time to renew your business insurance, you should be involved and work with your agent to give them any new information about your business or fill out renewal forms.

How do I handle renewing my insurance?

Your experienced Insureon Account Manager restaurant insurance can help you with the renewing process. But here are some things to think about to help you get ready:

  • Figure out what caused past losses and make a plan to lower those risks that happen again.
  • Set aside money in case your rates go up. This could happen if the insurance market changes or if your business changes.
  • Find out what areas of service need to be widened or shrunk in order to fully protect your business.
  • It’s good to save money, but don’t just buy what’s cheapest. The most important thing is to get the best service at the best price.
  • Look over the business insurance renewal list.
  • Get in touch with your Account Manager right away if you answered “Yes” to any of the questions below. They will help you start planning your upcoming renewal.

Have you changed where you live?

If you move your progressivedirect home office to a commercial place, grow your business to a new location, or open an extra office, you may need to make changes to your general liability insurance or business owner’s policy (BOP). Sometimes, insurance rates can go down. This is especially true if the new location is smaller and has better safety features, like a wired alarm system or sprinklers.

Did you hire more or less people?

If you hire new people, progressiveagent you might need to make changes to your workers’ compensation insurance coverage. While each state has its own rules, most of them require businesses to buy insurance as soon as they hire their first worker.

Workers’ comp coverage amounts should be changed when new employees join or leave the company. This makes sure that all employees are covered and that employers don’t have to pay for workers who are no longer working for them. When business owners update their insurance, it’s a great time to make sure they have the right workers’ compensation coverage.

Are you selling or giving away new things?

progressive logo a company changes the services they offer, they may need to make changes to their professional liability insurance. Similarly, if they change the products they sell, they should look over their general liability policy’s product liability coverage.

During the renewing period, you should also check to see if you have cyber insurance. This can help small businesses avoid the financial damage that comes from a data breach. This kind of insurance can be bought separately or as part of a professional liability or general liability policy.

Did you buy new tools for your business?

Commercial property insurance rates depend on the type and amount of tools a company has, even if it’s brand-new progressive espaƱol. This insurance can be bought directly or as part of a business owner’s coverage. If the value of your business property changes a lot, it could affect your yearly rate. Also, commercial property insurance only covers tools that stay in or on your business property.

Based on how much your tools and equipment are worth, you’ll need either inland marine or contractor’s tools and equipment coverage if you move them from one job site to another.

Have you changed the way you do business a lot?

Your insurance agent may need to change some policies, like general liability insurance, or add new ones, like commercial auto insurance, to make sure the business is covered from new risks if your business practices have changed a lot.

Do you buy or sell business vehicles?

If a company bought or sold a business car in the last year, they will need to make changes to their commercial auto insurance policy. Additionally, companies might need to include hired and non-owned auto insurance (HNOA) if workers use their own cars for work. Most personal car insurance plans don’t cover driving for work. If the company’s trip radius changes, the need for security might also go up or down.

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